Improving the delivery of information through a user-centric approach




Energy, oil and gas

Business situation

Origin Energy's internal management team faced challenges relaying important information about changes within the organisation to employees in the upstream branch. The information at hand was difficult to comprehend as it came in multiple formats and was difficult to search up.

Additionally, the information was constantly updated and the formats that were being used did not allow for changes to be made in real time. This would've resulted in false information being given out to the employees during this crucial time.

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— Felicity Underhill, General Manager at Origin Energy


In the span of 5 days, we successfully collaborated with client to design and implement a fully functional web application that was deemed 'the single source of truth' for all information regarding the changes in the organisation.

The solution displayed all the necessary information that the employees needed to know, and was built in a way that allowed for any changes to the data to be updated on the platform within a matter of minutes.