Improving the delivery of information through a user-centric approach




Energy, oil and gas

Business situation

In 2018, Origin’s Integrated Gas business undertook a process of organisational change. Origin approached us to help them develop a software solution that could effectively communicate key information from different sources to the entire organisation in one place. The aim was to deploy an organisation-wide web platform that enabled a seamless experience for employees to find the information they needed and to minimise disruption and frustration during this crucial period.

Client Challenge

Our client needed to communicate a wide array of information to the organisation such as departmental changes, new role descriptions and new capabilities to ensure that everyone knew what they needed to do moving forward. However, the key challenge was that all the existing information generated came in multiple, static formats (including pdfs, spreadsheets and other third-party software) which could make the process of searching for relevant information confusing and frustrating for Origin employees.

Additionally, the information had to be constantly updated but due to the multiple formats, changes could not be made in real time across all the static formats which could lead to the risk of false information being communicated.


Our Approach

With an understanding that this new change would affect all the people within the company’s gas business, we took a humanistic and agile approach to co-develop a solution with our client. We focused on how users would feel during this crucial time and used those insights as a basis for our software and user experience designs with the aim of reducing stress for those involved in the process.

Through rapid prototyping and development, we successfully built the first beta version within a week. The first version was used for user-testing to improve the platform features and interactions. Shortly after, we rolled out the platform across the organisation and closely monitored the usage to incrementally improve the features to enhance the user experience, as well as performing regular updates on the platform.


The Solution

The final solution was a web-based platform that enabled over 1,500 employees to navigate through all the new organisational information in one convenient location. Users could easily find their job roles, see all the required capabilities for that role and trace that back to how the role fits into the new company structure. Our system also allowed for any new data from the project team managing the change process to be automatically processed and updated on the platform so that the employees always had the latest information to act upon.

The development of this software aided our client to successfully implement the new organisational restructuring project.