Case study






State government, resources

Business Situation

The Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ), a sub branch under Queensland's Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNMRE), play a key role in improving the understanding of Queensland’s resource potential and attracting exploration and investment in the resources sector. As part of a wider digital transformation initiative, The GSQ team approached us with the aim of developing and testing a digital technology that could transform the way industry submits Exploration Permit Mineral reports to the government.


Client Challenges

The current method of submitting reports and data by industry to the GSQ include sending in multiple, semi-structured formats such as PDF. The key problem with this semi-structured format is that it does not allow for data and information to be efficiently checked, validated, and analysed. This has resulted in a growing database of locked information where insights cannot be extracted from.

The intention behind the project for GSQ was to determine quickly whether it was possible for software technologies to provide a new way of industry reporting that could support both automatic data validation and a standardised submission format to allow for easy data extraction later down the track.


Our Approach


With our expertise in advance web technologies and the agile methodology, we engaged the GSQ in a test-and-learn project. Through rapid prototyping, we carried out short successive iterations where the focus was on producing value quickly. Within five weeks, the first working prototype was developed allowing the GSQ to carry out testing within the organisation and with industry users. Feedback received was used to add on and improve features for the reporting platform.

Overall, the project was designed to have a variable scope to take into consideration the changing nature of the project's requirements. By closely working together with our client, new versions were released every few weeks to enable continuous improvements to the platform.


The Solution

The final solution was a web-based platform that allowed for dynamic reporting in a standardised, digital format set by the GSQ. Industry users can upload data, such as LAS files, that were automatically validated prior to submission. The platform ensured that all information submitted is stored in an easily accessible format to enable knowledge discovery.

This proof-of-concept project demonstrated that it was possible to test the potential of a new software system in a short amount of time. Through a successful pilot project with minimal risk and cost, our client can envision the potential impact, value and benefit a full-scale solution could have both within the organisation and to industry.